Sonos Music API - Getting Started Guide


Sonos uses a variety of identifiers (IDs) to represent different elements of the system. Some IDs represent physical locations or hardware, some represent users or user activity, and some represent items within your music service. Identifiers associated with a specific item typically do not change over time but the context of elements that pass IDs within the API may change from one API call to the next; an <id> element may contain an album identifier in one call and a track identifier in the next.

Sonos suggests that you use short codes representing the type of item followed by a separator of some kind for ID values associated with specific catalog items. This makes it easy to see the type of item returned while debugging issues. Sonos does not care what code or separator you use. Examples of valid item ID formats you could choose for album 1234 include: album:1234, alb-1234, a::1234, and ALB__1234