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Integrating a Music Service with Sonos

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This document guides you through integrating your music service with Sonos. The table below summarizes the phases and time involved in making your service live on the Sonos app.

Sonos Music API - Getting Started Guide

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See Content Service: Get Started on the Sonos developer portal for the latest documentation.

Sonos Music API - Reference


Sonos uses the Sonos Music API (SMAPI) to communicate with your music service. It is a platform independent, language independent Web services API that uses SOAP for messaging.

Sonos is the client of this API, sending requests via SMAPI to your server endpoint. Your SMAPI implementation responds to these requests, allowing users to access their own personal accounts at your services using Sonos apps and players.

Troubleshooting Your SMAPI Implementation

Here are some common questions other partners have asked after starting their implementation. For more help, see questions tagged "sonos" on StackOverflow.

Why am I seeing so many getExtendedMetadata calls?

If you have implemented ratings or favorites, these capabilities can cause additional getExtendedMetadata requests. See the getExtendedMetadata documentation for details.

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of music services are eligible to be added to the Sonos Platform?

Sonos Labs is intended for licensed and legal music services such as on demand, subscription, cloud-based access models and radio streaming services.

What is Multiple Account Support?

Sonos provides multiple account support for music services. Each person in a household with an account on your music service can add it to Sonos to play the music they love.

Sequence Diagrams

See the Sequence diagrams in this book for illustrations of communications between Sonos Player Groups, Sonos Controllers, and your Music Service.

Sonos Music API - Glossary

The following terminology is used to describe components of the Sonos system and the Sonos Music APIs.

container - an object containing a group of items potentially including both single elements and other containers. Containers are similar to folders or directories in file systems; they serve to create hierarchical trees and to keep like items together. Both playlists and albums are containers that contain track items.

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