Sonos Music API - Reference


Sonos uses the Sonos Music API (SMAPI) to communicate with your music service. It is a platform independent, language independent Web services API that uses SOAP for messaging.

Sonos is the client of this API, sending requests via SMAPI to your server endpoint. Your SMAPI implementation responds to these requests, allowing users to access their own personal accounts at your services using Sonos apps and players.

SMAPI is based on the SOAP Version 1.1 specification. Sonos can access your service over HTTP 1.1 and HTTPS. Sonos describes SMAPI using a WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and XSD (XML Schema Definition). See the W3C Web Services Activity page for details.

Unless otherwise noted, Sonos players send requests to your insecure endpoint. Add your service endpoints to the version manager form before you submit your service for review or in the custom service descriptor (custom SD) for a player when testing. See Test your service on Sonos for details.

The following pages make up the SMAPI reference pages:

  • SMAPI requests—includes a table of the categories of SMAPI requests. SMAPI requests are sorted alphabetically under this page.
  • SMAPI object typesincludes descriptions of complex elements that act as data types in SOAP messages between Sonos and your service.
  • SMAPI capabilities—includes descriptions of features available on Sonos that you can turn on or off for your service.
  • Default error messages— lists the error codes for errors presented to Sonos users.

See the Sonos Music API - Getting Started Guide for additional assistance in creating your SMAPI implementation.