Integrating your service favorites with Sonos

This page is no longer updated.

See Add favorites on the Sonos developer portal for the latest documentation.

Listeners can have two ways to save their favorites: Sonos favorites and your own service favorites.

Sonos favorites

Listeners can save favorite songs, albums, and stations from any service on Sonos favorites lists. Listeners manage the Sonos favorites by selecting My Sonos in the lower left of the Sonos app. Listeners add content to their Sonos favorites from the Info View by selecting default actions such as Add Song to My Sonos or Add Album to My Sonos. Sonos favorites are implemented for you in the Sonos app.

Your favorites

Listeners can save favorites selected exclusively from your service when you integrate your own service-specific favorites. This allows you to keep listener favorites synchronized when users access your service favorites by a variety of methods including the Sonos app, your app, or other methods. Your favorites can include tracks, albums, streaming radio stations, and other items.

Note: If you already implemented your favorites on Sonos using the older method it will continue to work (Older method for implementing favorites). However, for new integrations use this new method described here.


The following screen sequence shows how a listener uses the Info View to add favorites.  

How you manage favorites on your service is up to you. However, integrating your favorites with Sonos involves the following key tasks: