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Since launching Sonos Labs in 2011, we have seen tremendous developer interest and growth in the capabilities of the Sonos API platform.

As developer API conventions have matured and usage of our platform has increased these past 3 years, we need to modernize our API protocols and tools in order to make it easier and more efficient for our developer community to work with Sonos. Coming soon, you will begin to see many changes to our API program as we work on creating the ultimate platform for sound in the modern home.

In our first major change, starting today we are moving our primary support channel from an email address to Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a hugely popular Q&A site, powered by Stack Exchange. Developers from all communities have been using Stack Overflow to support each other and provide guidance on a large variety of programming topics. Moving our support flow out of email to an open channel will allow you to find answers to questions quickly and leverage the full power of the Sonos developer community.

Before asking Sonos API-related questions on Stack Overflow, be sure to:
  • Read Stack Overflow’s How to Ask Good Questions guide.
  • Tag your question with the #sonos hashtag so Sonos engineers will see them.
  • Remember that Stack Overflow is for technical Sonos API-related questions and answers. For general questions about Sonos, please contact Sonos Support.
We look forward to seeing you over at Stack Overflow. And, stay tuned for more updates…