Attract the most avid music fans in the world.

Music lovers are the heart and soul of Sonos. We’re a company created by music lovers, for music lovers. At Sonos, our vision is to fill every home with music. The Sonos Wireless HiFi System delivers passionate music lovers access to fresh, new music from music and radio services worldwide. Getting connected to Sonos just got easier, with Sonos Labs.  

Who can play: Any music service, anywhere in the world.
In a nutshell: It’s easy to integrate using the Sonos Music API – and it’s free!
How it works: Do it all online, in 3 easy steps:
  1. Register as a Sonos Music Partner.
  2. Access the Sonos Music API, Technical Documentation & Tools Suite.
  3. Develop & Submit to Sonos for Review.

If you are a music provider and share our mission to deliver exceedingly great service to create fanatical customers worldwide, please join us and enjoy the following benefits:

  • ACCESS TO A MUSIC-LOVING AUDIENCE:  Get instant access to passionate music-loving Sonos customers worldwide. Our partners experience an increase in customers, high listening rates and almost zero churn.   
  • THE PERFECT HOME MUSIC EXPERIENCE: Avoid a poor audio experience typically found on computers and deliver the high-quality HiFi sound your music service deserves – all controlled with iPhone, iPod Touch or Android. 
  • GET TO GLOBAL MARKET, FAST: It’s fast, easy and free to become a Sonos Music Partner, and get connected without wasting time or money. Sonos Labs offers access to the Sonos Music API and other technical tools, and an online program to help you develop quickly or move at your own pace, guiding you every step of the way.
  • GROW WITH SONOS: Join the Sonos revolution, the Wireless HiFi System that’s passionate about music and obsessed with quality. Sonos is a premium brand associated with uncompromising quality, innovation, design, global thinking and passion for music. 

For more information please check out our FAQs


“We are happy to be available on Sonos devices around the world! The technical design of the Sonos Music API made it possible to deliver our worldwide service to Sonos customers everywhere. The great documentation, outstanding technical support and strong focus on quality at Sonos made the integration extremely easy. It’s a seamless user experience. From day one our service worked perfectly on all devices, controllers and apps. We feel that users are more than happy with our collaboration together, allowing them to enjoy free music and discover new songs in every room of their house!

- Daniel Mieves, Head of Marketing, AUPEO! Personal Radio
“ Sonos is bringing wireless hi-fi to the mass market; working with them was key as we continue to grow our music subscription business. The Sonos Music API was straightforward, and working through the partner process and with the Sonos Music Team was great. Most importantly, MOG customers can now access their favorite music service through the best-in-class Sonos system, providing access to the world's largest collection of music, on demand throughout their home.” 

- Drew Denbo SVP, Business Development, MOG
“ Connecting Rdio’s on-demand social music service to the Sonos Music API was quick and easy.  We were up and running in a matter of weeks and our users are thrilled. Sonos integration was definitely one of our most requested features.”  

- Todd Berman, VP of Engineering, Rdio
“ Wolfgang’s Vault was pleased to work hand-in-hand with Sonos. The combination of Wolfgang’s Vault rare and exclusive content with Sonos’ state-of-the-art HiFi wireless home audio system was a perfect combination for a one-of-a-kind offering for music fans. The Sonos Music Partner process was detailed, thorough and collaborative throughout the process, all the way to launch. Sonos is a great team and partner, and it has been our pleasure to work on our global Wolfgang’s Vault offering with Sonos, using the Sonos Music APIs.  “ 

- Matt Lundberg, VP CTO, Wolfgangs Vault